ITSF 2014 – “Time for the Future”



Welcome to Budapest and welcome to the 12th annual meeting of the International Telecom Sync Forum - ITSF 2014.   ITSF 2014 “Time for the Future” will be a key knowledge transfer and networking session as the industry builds the new networks necessary to address the phenomenal bandwidth demands of the Tablet and Smartphone user community that will emerge in 2015 and 2016.

The roll-out of “PhaseReady” networks to deliver new fast mobile services over the next 24 months will bring big challenges related to applications such as CoMP, eICIC and TDD; new time delivery technologies such as GNSS alternatives; new technologies for resilient timing and threat mitigation and new standards and measurement metrics. The conference will examine all these topics in detail.

There will be a pre-conference evening welcome drinks reception on 3 November sponsored by Semtech and then on Day 1 ITSF will begin with a tutorial session “Time to Learn”. This is ideal for new attendees and regulars alike and will be delivered by invited subject matter expert speakers. The conference proper will open with the conference theme session “Time for the Future” examining future time, timing/frequency and phase requirements and delivery technologies. A panel session will wrap up the first day with panel members representing the Expert community. Day 1 will conclude in the evening with the annual “Icebreaker” event sponsored by Oscilloquartz – a boat trip along the Danube.

Day 2 will begin with invited papers from Industry Standards committee members reviewing the latest additions in the session “Time in Standards”. This will be followed by “Time to Apply” looking at the applications that need Time, Timing and Phase. A panel session will wrap up Day 2. During the evening we will hold the annual “Time Lord” award dinner sponsored by Calnex to which all delegates and partners are invited.

Day 3 will begin with a review of vulnerabilities in sources, distribution and transport “Time under Threat”. This perhaps will be one of the key sessions of the conference as we explore vulnerabilities, mitigation techniques and political pressure to adopt new time delivery techniques. ITSF 2014 will conclude with “Time in Distribution” examining performance monitoring, measurement issues and techniques.

Thank you to the speakers who have given much of their time to preparing the presentations that we will hear over the three days. Thank you to the members of the ITSF Steering Group, who, despite having busy day jobs, have once more contributed beyond the call of duty to bring to us a fine and expert symposium on timing technology for telecom applications.  Thank you to Avren Events for coordinating and delivering the conference and last but not least, thank you to all the sponsors for their generous support for ITSF 2014.

Prof. Charles Curry, BEng, CEng, FIET
Chairman ITSF Steering Group

Managing Director – Chronos Technology Ltd

Charles Curry


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